exotic handmade jewelry

Lovingly made in my 1898 cotton mill studio.


exotic handmade jewelry

heather haase



The art of jewelry design using semi-precious, antique and vintage ethnic pieces.

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I weave and stitch cultures and textures into one-of- a-kind pieces that have timeless beauty and style - bringing the world together one bead at a time.


What My Customers Say

I'm very fortunate to have such great customers many who have purchased my pieces for years.

Judi Knight

I've known Heather for years and have bought many of her pieces. Her necklaces are beautiful and exotic and are part of my daily wardrobe. 

Kelly Enzor

I’ve been collecting Heather’s jewelry for over 20 years. Her designs are bold and unique, combining color and texture in a way that you won't see anywhere else. She sources stones and antique pieces from all over the world -- every piece has a story.


Linda Houren

"Heather's designs are masterfully crafted with beautiful details. I love wearing them indivdually or layering them for an even greater wow factor".